How to do facial treatment at home?

How to do facial treatment at home?

Posted by Globex Beauty Solutions on 8th Apr 2020

These uneasy days many people asking yourself the same question - can I perform a facial treatment at home? ... The answer is 'yes' - you can, and it's actually pretty easy to perform with Être Belle Beauty System. We can offer a number of perfectly suitable products to perform express facial at home. The results will be quite impressive, similar to visiting a local beauty therapist, the whole process will not take long and you can do it as often as needed. Don't forget long-staying indoors has a negative impact even on relatively good skin conditions. Luck of fresh air and breaking up a usual lifestyle will have an inevitable negative impact on all physiological processes in human body including the skin. 

So the product No.1 is a portable ultrasonic scrubber, allowing not only to deeply cleanse and scrub the skin with low-frequency ultrasound but also to infuse the number of water-based products deep into the skin layers.

ultrasonic skin scrubber

The ultrasonic scrubber is a perfect match to use with Product No.2:  FACIAL SKIN CARE PEPTIDE SET 

peptide facial set for ultrasonic scrubber


1. Ref. 3137 Moisturising lotion

which is used during ultrasound peeling to create the coupling medium between the device spatula and the skin → continue to the product page 

2. Ref. 3534 Time Control Day Expert Anti-Wrinkle Serum → continue to the product page

3. Ref. 3535 Time Control Night Skin Renewal Serum → continue to the product page

Depending on day's or night's applications - both serums will contribute to the total skin regeneration and spectacular younger-looking facial complection. When infused into the skin with an ultrasound device the serums will eliminate the wrinkles and supply extra-firmness to the facial contours, creating naturally looking face-lift.