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ampoules for oily and acne skin

Ampoules SK-10

These sulphur and herbal extract ampoules are used for intensive treatment of acne and inflammation-



The Symbol of Beauty is Flawless Skin - if you want to make your skin glow, be full of elasticity, softness and healthy appearance Être Belle - Is What You Want!
Être Belle's main goal has always been a creation of exceptional quality skincare products at an acceptable price.
Être Belle is a professional-grade skincare. The concept is based on carefully selected natural and newest active ingredients corresponding to high-quality cosmetics standards. 
All product ranges are widely diversified by moisturising and rejuvenating actions, as well as by skin types and ages. 
We're sure, that our exclusive products will permanently become a part of your beauty journey all year round. And You'll Love ♥ Your Skin!

Made in Germany.

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