Focus On the Eyes

Focus On the Eyes

Posted by Globex Beauty Solutions on 5th Sep 2023

When someone looks at you, the eyes are the first thing they notice. Remember, true beauty starts with the beautiful eyes!

The eyes are the first and most noticeable part of the face, especially when you first meet someone, so it's important to prioritize the eye care in your beauty routine.

The physiology of the eye contour is complex, it is a particularly vulnerable and sensitive area.

In fact, the skin around the eye is thinner than any other area on the face and therefore is much more sensitive to environmental stresses, such as the sun and pollution, as well as natural aging.

It is also the first area on your face to show the fatigue and signs of aging, with the appearance of dark circles, puffiness or fine lines.

Therefore, the beauty of the eye contour is of more concern and requires a completely adapted treatment approach, given the natural fragility of this part of the face.



   This is the most common eye area problem and mainly a result of an inevitable depletion of structural proteins (elastin and collagen) in the dermis, as well as the degradation of the extracellular matrix due to intrinsic aging. Eye wrinkles are accentuated over the years, though also through the effects of external aggressions such as the sun or pollution, which generate numerous free radicals. The extracellular matrix of the area around the eyes gradually tapers, reducing the quality of the dermal connective tissue and further deepening fine lines and wrinkles.

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Hyaluronic Day & Night Eye Cream  

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Aloe Vera Eye Cream


   Dark circles are characterized by a discoloration that usually affects the lower eyelids, but in some cases may also concern the upper eyelids.

There are two types of dark circles:

  • Occasional dark circles due to poor blood flow, which appear with fatigue or lack of sleep.
  • Dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Occasional Dark Circles 

- The thinning of the skin under the eyes emphasizes dermal structures and the blood vessels become more visible, hence the blue color of some dark circles. They are directly related to micro-circulatory disorders, in which the wall of the capillaries becomes distended and promotes venous stasis, affecting the proper return of blood into the vessels. This results in a subcutaneous bluish-greenish pigmentation, all the more apparent under the thin skin of the eyelids.


- Skin hyperpigmentation is explained by the excessive production of melanin. The main role of melanin is to protect against UV radiation, as well as offering the skin its natural color (or skin tone).

Hyperpigmentation is generally found in the lower eyelid – it starts from the inner corner of the eye and spreads towards the cheek – though, in some cases, it may also cover the upper eyelid.

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Vitamin Energy Eye Serum

Hyaluronic Eye Patches

Hyaluronic Eye Care Set

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Eye bags are caused by excessive swelling of the eyelids, with two different causes:

  • Oedematous under-eye bags are caused by lymphatic stagnation, with maximum volume in the morning after awakening as the ocular muscles rest overnight. They tend to decrease during the day, due to repeated blinking of the eyelids which activates blood microcirculation.
  • Genetic under-eye bags are the result of excess fat cells, secondary to the migration of the orbital fat that protects the eye, due to the slackening of the skin and muscles around the eye. Efficient reduction of puffiness is possible through fighting the effects of aging.

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Aloe Vera Eye Cream

Hyaluronic Eye Care Set

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Golden Skin Eye Gel

Golden Skin Eye Gel Roll On

Hyaluronic Eye Patches

Hyaluronic Roll On Eye Serum


   Eyelid drooping is mainly due to sagging skin - this is a natural phenomenon linked to skin aging and due to the weakening of elastin fibers resulting in a loss of skin elasticity and tone.

The fat layer that naturally lines the inside of the eyelids also undergoes changes due to changes in supporting fibers, which complicates the problem of ptosis with the appearance of bags under the eyes.

This area is all the more fragile because the muscles responsible for blinking are constantly working throughout the day. The upper eyelids can then become sagged, giving a tired look and even, in extreme cases, eye discomfort.

Our recommended products:

Naturel Eye Cream

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