Hyaluronic Glacier Mousse

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30 g

This mix-powder forms the perfect moisturizing mask and oil-free massage cream. Thanks to the special production process with addition of water the powder turns it into a delicious, light mousse, which can be used as a plumping moisture mask, as well as a base for hyaluronic massage. 
Contains Hyaluronic, Algae and Sea Buckthorn powder-extract rich in minerals and trace elements, providing intense hydration. 
Application: Pour 30 ml of water into a small bowl. Remove the protective film on the sieve of the Glacier Mousse Powder. Gently sprinkle the powder on the water surface until lightly covered and mix with the mask brush to form a homogeneous gel. Apply the gel to face, neck and décolleté with a brush and leave it for 15 minutes to work, or perform a massage. Then remove the mousse with a tissue or a moist compress and apply the appropriate moisturiser.
✓ Contains no preservatives.
✓ Use the ready mix immediately
✓ Content: 30 g makes about 20 applications

30 g

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