Energy Vitamin Mask Facial Set

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Vitamins are truly multi-talented workers for human body, serving in one line with essential nutrients, minerals and micronutrients.  
In skincare products vitamins used as excellent antioxidants helping to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors and support the synthesis of the skin‘s own collagen.
Vitamins supply radiance and energy to tired, dehydrated, under-nourished skin.

The 3 Step Facial Care Set includes a nourishing and moisturising texture-based mask, Vitamin Energy A,E,C Plus Cream 2.0 ml and Vitamin Energy Serum 1.5 ml for an all-round pampering application.
Enriched with vitamins, micro-elements and valuable plant-extracts this product-set is a pure seduction and fountain of moisture and vitamins for tired, low-energy skin.

Application: Firstly, cleanse and tone face with Energy Cleansing milk and Energy Gel-Tonic. 

→ Step 1 · Mask 
Tear Part 1 away from Part 2 and Part 3 along the perforated line. Open the sachet where marked. Remove the mask and unfold. Put the mask on the face, pull taut and press on. Leave it to work in for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask, and massage any residues into skin.  

→ Step 2 · Eye Serum
Open sachet where marked and apply around the eyes area.

→ Step 3 · Moisturiser
Open the sachet where marked and finish your facial treatment by applying cream on face and décolleté area.

The Set Contains:
○ Vitamin Energy Nourishing Mask x 1 
○ Vitamin Energy Eye Serum 1.5 ml
○ Vitamin Energy A,E,C Plus Cream 2.0 ml

Packaging: Box of 5 

5 items

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