Why skin cleansing is so important in daily facial routine?

Why skin cleansing is so important in daily facial routine?

Posted by Globex Beauty Solutions on 1st Sep 2021

The skin of the face and neck is in constant contact with the environment - meaning that it can quickly become polluted. Dust, various pollutants, cutaneous secretion residue and cellular debris quickly accumulate and cause a decrease in the skin’s natural protective functions. Uncleansed, with make-up not properly removed, the skin becomes weaker and more reactive to external factors and environmental aggressions including sun-exposure.

⇒ Firstly, as a part of your everyday skincare routine consider proper, thorough makeup removal.

It is a fact, 8 in 10 women wear makeup, but only 1in 2 remove makeup properly

⇒ Properly cleansed skin, free of makeup, is more resilient to cellular ageing.

This is because cleansed skin is less prone to micro-inflammation – a phenomenon noted by scientists as the main cause of aging. Lipids and pollutants generate oxidation and inflammation. What’s more, pollutants and skin impurities alter the skin’s barrier function – resulting in dehydrated and sensitive skin becoming more vulnerable to environmental aggressions.

The other advantage of thorough make-up removal is the massage routine that accompanies this step, thus improving blood micro-circulation and as a result cellular nutrition and oxygenation.

    Makeup removal should be approached as an important and deep skincare action: in the everyday beauty routine, it represents the basis and essential first step.

    By properly cleaning the face from impurities, the cellular function is promoted contributing to ensuring healthy skin.


    ○ Appearance of age spots and imperfection

    ○ Exacerbated skin sensitivity

    ○ Accelerated premature skin aging

    ○ Rough skin

    ○ Overall dull facial complexion

    How to remove makeup properly?

    With your fingertips, gently massage the make-up remover with circular motions on fully dried skin (avoiding the eyes), for at least one minute. 

    Water off using a cotton pad, then apply the cleansing milk once again.

    The first step is to remove impurities like makeup → the second step is to dissolve deeper toxins. 

    Continue by rinsing with tepid water. 

    The final step: applying the lotion with a cotton pad to complete the cleansing step.

    It’s imperative that you remove your makeup thoroughly every day.

    Use a specific product for the eyes with another individual facial product.

    Facial cleansing is also recommended in the morning: this eliminates any skin secretions that have accumulated overnight, thus optimally preparing the skin for the following products application.

    When doing this constantly, from the first week, the skin regains radiance making facial complexion clearer and fresher.

    Another advantage of properly removing makeup is respecting the skin’s ecosystem and natural skin balance, resulting in feeling of better comfort for your skin.

    (!) Properly performed cleansing phase makes cosmetic products working in a more effective way.

    (!) Investing in an adapted makeup removal/cleanser increases the skincare products effectiveness used in a beauty program, such as serums, gels or creams.


    In reality, we should be talking just about makeup/cleansing, because even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s essential to cleanse the skin every evening. 

    In fact, at night-time the skin carries out vital self-repairing and regeneration functions - to achieve this in a better way your skin must be clean thoroughly for better action of the night cream. In the morning, it’s essential to remove the various residue produced by the skin in its overnight activity.

    It’s also important to choose the right day-care product. On the other hand, trying to strip the skin at all costs with inappropriate aggressive soap and water may generate more skin problems.

    In fact, tap water is very often chlorinated and can contain limestone, while surfactants used in certain soaps may be aggressive. The protective epidermal hydrolipidic film is weakened and the composition of the skin microbiota becomes disorganised. The skin is no longer sufficiently protected, and ends up becoming sensitive, reactive and incapable of retaining water. As a result, sensitivity and dehydration will begin to develop.

    (!) Cleansing and makeup removal is an essential step of facial skincare routine. 

    Different product textures are always available - it is easy to find the appropriate and individual product with Être Belle! 


    Also known as dermo-cleansing fluid, cleansing milk is characterised by its rich and creamy texture. Its formula offers comfortable softness, as it includes moisturising, nourishing and soothing active ingredients such as glycerine, vegetal oils (jojoba, argan, cotton, sweet almond, etc.) or shea butter. These ingredients ensure effective cleansing, while preserving the skin’s microbiota balance and the hydrolipidic film integrity.


    Used after the cleansing milk, it eliminates the remaining impurities: make-up, toxins, dead cells, etc. this way it gently perfects the make-up-removal step. 

    The lotion completes makeup removal but does not replace it!  

    It is also recommended to use lotion to complete scrub or mask removal.

    The lotion application is particularly recommended to maintain the natural skin balance and rebalance the skin pH destabilized by the tap-water components.

    Indeed, water contains many residues coming from its purification treatment, limestone is also very often present in more or less large quantities. 


    This is always a great option for complete makeup removal in your facial skincare program. There is nothing better than cleansing (oil-based) gel to remove makeup, even for water- resistant formulas.

    Cleansing oil captures and dissolves all impurities. It clears pores without stimulating the sebaceous glands. Today, hybrid textures are available – such as cleansing gels, which gradually turn into a delicate oil to be massaged, before transforming into a milky emulsion upon contact with water, thereby facilitating rinsing. Once dried, the skin is clean, soft and comfortable. 


    Usually composed of surfactants that remove both light makeup and accumulated impurities throughout the day. Some formulas incorporate active ingredients with moisturising, soothing and regenerating properties. Cleansing mousses are renowned for their lightness and texture.

    The surfactants within the mousse are often derived from plant extracts such as coconut, and do not destabilise the skin barrier 

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