Ampoules Argan Stem Cells

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10 x 1,5 ml

The product formula contains a very special ingredient - Argan Stem Cells with a potential to recover all skin functions. The exclusive ingredients protect and revitalize the skin's own stem cells. This intensive facial care serum allows a real profound skin rejuvenation and minimisation of wrinkles in a short period of time. As a result, the skin acquires new firmness and resilience.
Active Ingredients: Argan stem cells, hyaluronic acid, Hydroviton 24, Collagen.

Indication:  Mature skin with deep wrinkles requiring a daily extra-care.
Application: Knock down the fluid from the neck of the ampoule and break it. Apply the whole content on face, neck and décolletage. Do not intensively rub, but gently pat into the skin. Follow up with an appropriate moisturiser or a facial mask. The ampoule can be used as a treatment course daily. 

10 x 1,5 ml

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